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well ive had my veiled for 2weeks now, i dont thinks hes eatin more than 15 to 20 crickets during the whole 2 weeks. he also is brown when he is basking. he used to have a 100watt bulb but i got a new 75watt bulb today because i thought maybe he was to hot. so just was curious if anyone else has had the same problems with a new baby veiled chameleon, and if so how lond does it last, and why its happening? thanks for any help or advise!
do you know what did he eat before you got him?
Did you try to feed him anything else?
post some setup pics.
what are you temperatures?
Is he drinking?
i dont know what he was eating before, he eats a few crickets a day. i tried giving him mealworms and waxworms but he didnt eat them, they just ended up dieing. his cage temperature is in the high 80s in his basking area now, it was in the mid 90s before, but low 80s high 70s everywhere else in the cage. he is just a brownish color and he is green most of the time but brown when he basks. ill post a pic of his set up, it has a ficus tree in it and vines all around his cage just look at the set up below. the only thing that has changed from this picture was that i have the bowls hanging onto the sides of the cage and not at the bottom of the cage anymore


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from my experience try not to go above 90's, I had problem with temperature in 90's in basking spot
How about drinking? and humidity?
well i have a drip system set up over the tree where he hides most of the time, and i mist 3 times a day, once in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. the humidity is also around 60
I would recommend a couple of things with the cage that may help your problem. Get some branches as close as possible to the UVB source in the back. Try to angle the basking bulb to where he can get his heat and UVB exposure in the same place. The effectiveness of most UVB flourescents is diminished by the mesh and the by the length below. After 12" most of these bulbs will be greatly ineffective. I would get branches as close as possible. Leaving maybe and 1"-2" above your chameleons head. The heat as pointed out could be a little to much for a little guy. If you move the branches up higher you might have to switch to a lower wattage bulb. Depending on the age you could even chose to leave out the basking bulb for a month or two. They will just bask under the flourescent. You already have one branch like this I would just recommend some more.
yea i re did the cage, ill post some pictures of it as soon as i can, i did put some vines under the uvb light and just put the branches higher
he seems not to like the mealworms or waxworms, i dont understand. they are small and not to big for him. hes still eating his crickets tho, but not the worms. any advice?
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when he gets bigger he will most likely eat the worms .mine eat them for a while then stop for a while then start eating them again.
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