Veiled eating Orchid Moss

I recently added a golden pothos plant that I cleaned and re-potted. I also used the coconut substrate for soil. I also added a layer of Orchid Moss as a top layer, above the substrate. My veiled has recently started eating the moss that is soaked with water. Is this normal and should I be concerned? I have been monitoring his activity and it doesn't seem to affect him. He does crap the moss out once through his system though. I am wondering if he is eating it as a water source. Please any info would be appreciated.:D
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i think you shoul up the temps. that thermometer in the back looks a little low
but there shouldn't be any problems. try to give her soe greens. she probably wants some.


Get the moss out of there and any of the other fibers, too. This animal can get impacted and these materials harbor all sorts of bacteria.


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There is no need for substrate at the bottom take everything out and just use butcers paper or paper towels.

The chameleon can become impacted and suffer health problems if he eats more substrate.

The crickets his temporary pal. JK! He ate that crick. It just happened to walk on him and he looked at it and said, "WTF!"

Correction: There is no substrate at the bottom of my enclosure, just paper towels. The potted plant I have in the enclosure is a small pothos with coco fiber acting as the soil. I also placed dried out orchid moss above the substrate to hold moisture. I am resolving this issue by adding a layer of rocks. This will prevent the moss from getting eaten by the cham and still provide and hold moisture to the pothos.

The temps at that particular moment in the picture was at approximately 90 degrees. Ideal for the cham. His enclosure starts the day out between 70-80 degrees and by noon it sustains temps between 87 - 95 degrees. The humidity fluctuates throughout the day. Morning and evening humid levels are 60 - 70 and drys off to roughly 40 - 50 in the afternoon.


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A layer of rocks would work great, I bought a bag of smooth black rocks at a craft store for $4, it had enough rocks to cover all the dirt, but the crix still managed to get under the rocks so keep an eye out if you are not cup feeding.
I am...

I am definitely sticking to cup feeding. I don't want any strays running around on my floor and on my sh*#. I have my new enclosure just about finished and I will post pics soon. There are just a few finishing touches I must do to ensure there are no obvious gaps so that critters can't escape.

Any ideas on how to hang a pothos plant inside a screened enclosure?
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