Veiled dropped her marbles!


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Hi all,

Well, Pantera has laid her clutch......and what a clutch it is for a first time mom!! 47 eggs, one of which was a little dehydrated looking. We excavated the nest and have carefully placed all the eggs in the incubator and are now in for the long haul of waiting to see if they are fertile eggs and then to see if they hatch for us. After much research during her pregnancy, we have set everything up for hopefully prime hatching conditions. Pantera is doing great! She was a little dehydrated after spending all morning laying her clutch, but after being sprayed down and getting lots of water, she is back to her old self and eating well. Thanks for all the help and advice!

Jessica :)
Pantera :D

I saw the related photos in your gallery - great pics!
Keep us updated :)
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