Veiled Chameleon sculpture


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Well i am working on this sculpture for my boyfriend. Its a portrait of his Veiled Cham and i wanted to see what the experts thought :) He is tiny. Could fit on a 50 cent piece easily.



its very much in progress. like 40% done
Awesome job "I couldn’t sculpt a butt if my life depended on it!" My mom is a sculpter I can’t stand you guy’s talent :rolleyes::p;) Awesome job, beautiful.....

lmao just practicing my nerd rage and making sure my caps still work !

:p good job !
thats really nice i made a cham out of some stuff you bake in the oven and then it gets hard it was really funny compared to how good your is.
i cant wait to see the finished piece

I'd love to see it when you have all the details on it. Ceramics was my favorite class in school, I'm going to school now for business so I can own an art studio so I can do it whenever I want! This will be my next project next time I get my hands on some clay.
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