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So I finally finished creating the cage for my new male veiled chameleon, and I made sure to have alot of foliage so he can be comfortable and not stress out. My only concern is I have not seem him eat much since I got him, I am feeding him b.lateralis both free range and cup feeding, but how many roaches is he suppose to go through in a day? I have seem him poop and he does that about once a day but I read somewhere they are suppose to eat between 10-15 roaches/crickets a day but I dont think he is eating anywhere near that amount. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated :)

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It also depends on how old/big your guy is. One of our panthers, Shooter, was a big fat pig when he was a baby (then again, he's STILL a big fat pig!) who would probably eat himself to death if he had the chance. When he was little he would probably eat about a dozen small crickets a day. Now that he's a bigger guy though, he gets one nice sized roach a day, maybe a few worms here and there.
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