Veiled Chameleon Breeding


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Hi everyone I am looking foward to breed my chameleons (veileds) but I don't know a whole alot about breeding so if someone could help me that could be great thanks for reading.
Mating the veiled chameleons...I show the female to the male by holding her outside her cage and watching her reactions.

If she rocks back and forth, inflates her body, holds one hand up near her chin, gapes, hisses, darkens the background color then it means that she is non-receptive/gravid....and you can put her back in her cage.

If she keeps her lighter colors, doesn't inflate her body and moves slowly away from the male, then she is receptive and can be put in with the male as long as he is behaving properly towards her.

If he inflates his body, coils and uncoils his tail, hisses, etc. then he is not recognizing her as a receptive female.

If he inflates his body and approaches her without hissing or gaping or showing any other signs of aggression and she is behaving in a receptive manner then they can be put together.

The female can stay in with the male until she shows signs of rejection/aggression (being gravid/non-receptive).

BTW...once a female is receptive, I recommend putting an opaque container of moistened washed playsand in her cage so she has some place to dig to show you that she needs to lay eggs. The container should be at least 12" deep x 12" x8".

Once the female is gravid, she should lay eggs about 30 days after...but depending on where she was in the cycle, she could lay them earlier.

Here's the way the egglaying should not let her see you watching her when she is digging or she may abandon the hole....if it happens often enough she can become eggbound. She may dig several test holes but should settle on one and dig it until she is satisfied with it. She should then turn around butt down and lay the eggs, fill in the hole and tamp it down and return to the branches.

After she goes back up into the branches, you can dig up the eggs and incubate them.
May to please tell me about the incubation please. Like give my the link to purcahse a good incubator or if you know how to make one please tell me. an the tempatures an everything please thank you.
sorry for barging in, but my friend just bred his veileds and they were in there for about an hour or so and she gaped and hissed, she showed some yellows, and dark green with some blue. is that mean shes gravid?
Well, From what I was told from a dude that breed chameleons that she don't want him, or the guy already got his tail and there done an not she getting stressed so I would take her out and see what happens
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