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I recently purchased 2 veileds from a show in Illinois and was going to buy 2 more but the breeder could not guarantee that the ones I bought we unrealted and the ones they had 4 sale they could not guaranteed if they were unrelated or even related to the one I purcheased earlier in the year, it was the same breeder. All what the breeder does is seperate them by sex and size and mix them all up so you don't know if you are getting ones related or unrealted. I am not buying from this breeder again unless they can guarantee the genetics. I am looking to buy another young male and female for the ones I have now just to make sure they are unrelated and so I don't interbreeed and get bad genetics. Please let me know some one in the midwest area as I live in North Central Illinois and will travel to some extent to get them. I would even be willing to ship them in but I need recomendations of trustworthy breeders that can ship in the cold weather.
Be glad you have such choice in the states. Im sure you'll find what your looking for, best wishes :)

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I really don't have to many choices here I need to find some different breeders so I don't interbreed, there really is only 1 breeder that sells around here and they seem to do it just for the cash. I can't even get a straight answer if the chameleons are related so what does that tell you? I breed many species of birds and am just getting into chameleons and I can tell you what birds are related, any responsible breeder can tell you that.
Forum member chams1 is in Chicagoland, and breds chams and geckos (and some others?) - you might try PMing her and, if she doesn't have anything at present, she would know who would.
Are you not interested in having them shipped? There are many many breeders of veileds on these forums, kingsnake, faunaclassifieds, etc.
I didn't think interbreeding was a problem with chameleons. I thought that's how they started a bloodline and improved on it.
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