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OK-I have only used Leon for my Veiled breeding, and although a psychopathic rapist, upon introduction he never showed any signs of defensiveness or being territorial. I have a few receptive females here that I will shortly be breeding. Today I showed both females to Mr. Mangles, Leon's 2.5 year old son who I have never used for breeding, and he reacts as if being shown to another male. He flares up, assumes the karate pose, and rocks back and forth. Both females are completely ready and willing, showing receptive colors and no signs of aggression towards the male. I then showed them both to Bruce, my WC male that has been bred, and he shows the same reaction-add tail curling. I am a bit afraid to simply place the female in the males cage with this reaction. Suggestions?
Are you breeding Wasabi? Has she ever laid a infertile clutch? I would be afraid to put them in a cage together. I would get two trees and put them kind of close together but not so close that they can reach each other. Allow them to get use to seeing each other and then after awhile while you closely supervise put the tree close enough together that they can visit each other.
How about putting there cages next to each other for a day so he will eventually realize its breeding time instead of territorial fear and acting in defence.
Hey Jann-I am waiting a bit longer to breed Wasabi-she is only almost 11 months old-right? And no infertile clutches for her. She is however HUGE! And receptive. I fear putting anyone in a tree-since Leon was just mad crazy and fell from branches with a female more than once. I just don't want to risk any of my females the way these crazy males are acting. Even Evil was gentle with the ladies, courting them slowly.
Maybe introduce the male to the female's enclosure? I've never done it to chameleons, but with Bearded Dragons, it worked for me.

If you aren't up for that, possible showing the other male to the one that is with the female, maybe that will get him to breed her?

Luie was a real gentleman with Camille but they still hung out in trees about 4 foot from eachother for days before I put the trees about a foot a part. I think your boys might be afraid of the girls. The L&C kids will be one year old the 28th of March. Camile was 14 months old before she laid an infertile clutch. If you breed several what in the world will you do with all of those veiled babies?
I am just breeding the 2 females. I really had no trouble homing all of the 68 babies from before. I am happy to supply Tiki Tiki with Veileds, and will be heading out West to experience the shows and help out at their booth. :) I won't be acquiring more Veileds or Panthers after this unless I decide to breed Tim, but instead will switch focus to the Multi's and Elliots that I have coming in this month.
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