Veiled breeding.... 2 years old and never layed eggs :-s


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I am hoping to get a male veiled in the hope of breeding my veiled that I have had for almost 2 years now. she was just a baby when we got her but she has not layed any eggs so far :confused: We have the right set up and she did try digging in the bark substrate about 5 months ago so we gave her a big tub of reptile sand but she just tried eating it (so we upped her calcium dust intake) instead of digging. we left that in for 3 months but nothing happened.

She has never been off her food but to me looks good in weight not under nor over. And she is a fairly active cham very friendly and never really shows signs of stress. I have read that for her to lay eggs I my need to make her enclosure warmer??

Does she need to have layed a first clutch of eggs before mating can take place??

I am doing more research into this and I'm not planning on getting a male any time soon as I want everything to be perfect! x
It is just my way of doing things, but I would certainly not breed females that are very much older than 2, so if you plan on breeding, you really do not want to wait very much longer. She does not need to lay infertiles before laying fertiles. If at one time she was digging, it is very possible she could have laid eggs when you were not looking-did you check the bark substrate? You should NOT even have bark substrate as it is an impaction danger. You should be using moistened play sand in a container at least 10" tall and 10" around for a laying bin, or you can use a mixture of Coconut fiber and play sand, or sifted organic soil, or just Coconut fiber as I have been using lately-makes it easy to dig through. You must make sure any of these are moist enough so that they hold a tunnel.
When you breed a virgin veiled female the first clutch could consist of some infertile eggs and some fertile depending on when during her cycle she was mated....or the clutch could be all fertile or all infertile.
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