UVB recommendation for flexarium


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Okay I know that the usual recommendation is for repti-sun 5.0, but I also know the majority of you have different screen cages. I did a search and read a few older threads on the subject but frankly I'm a little confused again. Still reptisun was preferred, if they could only get repti glo, they were saying to get the 10.0 rather than the 5.0. And then the last one said that you should go with reptisun 10.0 if you have a flexarium mesh anyway.
So.. ?? Which is going to be the best choice?
Right now, I was given a fixture, with a reptisun 10.0 bulb in it still, but unsure of age of bulb. I bought a new repti glo 5.0 bulb as I haven't seen reptisun yet in the couple stores I've been to.
So tell me what the best one to get is, and which one that I already have that you would use until I can find the right one?
Thanks again. :)
i personally have taste depending on the size of the flexarium and how far away your basking perches are. IMHO, i would use 5.0 for 38 gallon flexariums and under, and 10.0 for 65 gallons and up, with a basking perch between 8-12'' away.



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I use 5.0 here, but i measure my UVBs all the time.

From reading on the subject, i noticed that the general tendancy in the US is to use 5.0, while in France it's 10.0 . Either way, if you replace your lighting at the right time, and if you supplement and gutload very well your chameleons, you shouldn't have to worry too much about the 5.0 or 10.0. However, if you aren't solid in gutloading and supplementing, a 10.0 may not be too much, especially if your chameleon is 6 months old or older.


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Ok thanks but sorry I'm still not entirely clear, you're saying numbers but not specifying brands. Is the reptiglo 5.0 okay, or are you telling me reptisun 5, or reptiglo 10, or reptisun 10?? Lol, sorry, I wasn't able to follow. Is either one of the ones I have now okay? I have a 100 gallon flexarium, basking spots approx 10 inches from top, 2 of them (one near basking lamp, one not, and one other one that slants up to top so he could get right under UVB if he wanted to. Then of course more vines going lower, and mixing Into the plants for drinking & hiding. So it would be nice if he was still getting some effect when he's down there, but don't the bulbs only extend about 12 inches or so? Cause the plants are between 1/3 to 1/2 way down the cage.


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On 100 gallon flexariums, I use 24" Zoomed Reptisun 10.0's. Like I said I have used the 5.o's with no issues. I have also used Hagen Reptiglo's of both strengths with no issues. Way back when a member with a UVB meter tested all bulbs through the dark mesh is when I decided to use 10.0s.
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