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ok so i just got my baby panther in and i built him a whole custom enclosure came out great its 4ft tall and 20x 20 inches i know its still on the small side but i just added an addition onto one of my others i built before and hes just a baby so ive got some time before i need to expand. now at the top of the tank i have an 18 inch uvb strip bulb repti glo 5.0 bulb the basking spot of 85 is right at the top as well near the uvb. the uvb gives off a good amount of light but i feel like it does not reah the bottom and he spends a good amount of time at the bottom. would it hurt to put a smaller uvb coil bulb at the bottom 5.0 also by repti glo? just to make sure hes getting enough uvb? let me know thanks
If he's staying away from the light, he probably just doesnt want it right now. He'll probably go to it when he needs it. Unless, and someone correct me if i'm wrong(in case I ever want one) it is a pygmy and cage is too tall?? I think they stay in lower bush areas than higher tree areas
A four foot high cage it too large for a baby. He wouldn't be able to find his food. I use a 24 inch UVB strip in my large cages.
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