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I have ordered from a friend a few UVB 5 lights and he brought me something called Trocal -longlife, Reptile UV plus! It is a 15W neon lamp and it is said it has 30% UV-A and 5% UV-B...is this ok for Chams? (BTW, it's written on the envelop that it lasts for 2 years! Is that possible?)
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Hi Filip,

I have never heard of that brand. I sincerely doubt that it will put out any real UVB levels after two years, but it may still work. On your side of the pond, a big UVB light manufacturer is Arcadia. There are good things said about it.. have you seen this site? http://www.uvguide.co.uk/ It is definately worth exploring to get a good grasp on what is available to the reptile community, and how the lights function.
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