USPS no longer a shipping option?


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I was just informed by a regular feeder supplier of mine that the post office is not longer shipping live insects (don't know about anything else) so he now has to use UPS (more expensive). Apparently this just happened Wed. when he had a bunch of orders returned from the PO. Anyone else run into this yet??
No, I haven't. I shipped fruit flies on Wednesday, and even told the guy behind the counter it was insects. What a pain in the rear if this is the case, not to mention the extra cost. I also had fly larvae shipped in via USPS, shipped out on Wednesday. Arrived yesterday without event.

I just looked it up, Lele, and I don't see any changes.

9.3.9 Other Insects
Other live, nonpoisonous, and nondisease-conveying insects, including flies of the family Drosophilidae, may be sent through the mail when properly prepared for mailing and when shipped under regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Such insects mailed to the Republic of Palau are also subject to the regulations of Palau.

Here is the website:
yeah, I searched, too.

After I spoke with him I looked on USPS site, did a google search for news articles, etc. and found nothing. He said 40 orders of crickets were returned to him. I have been using this supplier for a year and totally trust the guy, so I am not sure what is up. He was told that DELTA was not getting paid by USPS so they dropped the carrying. But I agree, there would have to be notice on the website AND I would assume that USPS would send out some sort of notice to its customers. I need some phoenix worms for my little side-blotched baby (one week old!). He will not eat the tiny roaches or even ff! So I have been collecting some tiny microlep caterpillars for him and he LOVES them! I have some silkie eggs so may hatch them out but that'll take some time. I'll talk to other suppliers.

Let me know if you hear anything!
I had the same problem recently. The vendor said it was because of my zip code and I would have to use UPS or Fedex.
Not sure if it pertains or if I'm even correct but... In the past when I've ordered silkworms from mulberry farms, they've always come via USPS. But yesterday when I placed an order, I saw that they were shipping with UPS now. Perhaps it's related, perhaps not.
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