used screen cages

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1' square and up in size. Screen at least sides (ok if top isn't). Small tears in screen OK as I can patch them. bent frame OK if still screws together and door closes tight. (I usually caulk to keep parasitic wasps out anyway)

I am not looking for these for lizards but for my Saturniid moth/caterpillar rearing in the summer. Prefer them cleaned of general loose stuff, I will disinfect and give thorough cleaning. All hardware that FITS included. Take apart to ship to NH or if you live in area I can do pick up. Not looking to spend lots and lots of $$$ but always in the market for more rearing cages.

soft sided, reptariums, pop-up butterfly cages, etc. too.


thanks for the idea, but I need a top. More importantly I need a finer mesh so that parasitic wasps can't get thru and they could in those hampers.

Thanks anyway!:)
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