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Hi ,
My chameleon has a 60 watt heat bulb and a UVB , the temperature is in the 70s when it should be in the 90s , what can i do to keep the temperature up ?
thanks , but the temperature was high with that bulb then it just dropped down to the 70s , i dont know why ?
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It shouldn't be too high with a 75 watt bulb. We use actual heat bulbs and don't have a temp problem. I'm assuming you have a basking spot. Where is it located and how far away from the light source is it? Also, where are you measuring the temperature? It should be warmer towards the top and cooler towards the bottom. So if your thermometer is near the middle/bottom of your cage, it will read much cooler.
thanks , my thermometer is at the bottom , but i put it up beside the heat bulb for about 50 secs and it just went up a little bit , and my basking spot is a 75 sun glo bulb
like breeze said the temp for a veiled at that age is low 80's and if you can hang your dome light from the ceiling you can raise/lower it to get proper temps.
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