Urgent Advice needed please about veiled cham laying


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Urgent Advice needed please

My veiled cham began digging yesterday, but abandoned the tunnel last night.

Got up this morning to find her digging again....she has recently just abandoned this tunnel as well...6pm. She's covered in soil, and still looks to be carrying eggs.

I am very unsure what to do now, I dont want to disturb the tunnel.

Should I give her something to eat/drink ?
Should I check the tunnel for eggs ?
Should I mist the dirt of her ?

lights are due to go out in about 30 mins....should I continue and do this ???

Any advice would be welcome....very concerned at this point :(
Personally I'd leave her for now. First thing in the morning I would try and mist the crap outta her to get her some hydration. Then leave her all day to her laying bin. She may dig many test holes before she finds the exact perfect spot. Most imp. thing is trying to keep her hydrated as much as possible without disturbing her during her digging time. You dont want to mess with her while shes in the bin.
If they catch you watching them dig, they usually won't lay. Hopefully, someone with more "egg" experience will chime in here with more details. Good luck!
Let me just share what I have observed. I have had a female of mine dig for 3 days straight. No food no water. I heard digging several times in the middle of the night. On the fourth day she was still carrying her eggs so I removed her and gave her an hour long shower so she could rehydrate. I put her back in her laying bin with moist soil and that evening she was back up on some branches looking skinny, having laid her eggs.

Moral of the story is: Leave you female alone and let her lay. Only bug her once in the morning and possibly peek in on her after lights out. The disturbance of misting and feeding during these times is more harmful than is worth the trouble. You will find that the mist and food will go untouched. Let her be. I hope this is helpful to you!
I put cardboard over the glass doors a few days ago to give her some privacy, as she is in a 6ft custom cabinet.

will give the tank its everning mist and turn the lights out to let her rest. Hopefully she will continue in the darkness.

thanks so much for the fast replys :)
Thanks Cnorton, although as much as its killing me not to peek lol, I accualy made a point of going out today, to give her peace, and will probs do the same tommorow if need be. I understand that they need there privacy, so am giving her just that :)

If a bathe is needed, roughly how warm should the water be, and where is the best place to do this.

thanks so much again x
It's not so much a bath - rather a long misting session. I have doen this with mine before - I placed the cham on a plant in the bath, and gave an extra long misting. Some chams don't like it - my female hates it but my male sits and drinks the whole time. I use a pump/pressure sprayer for mine. Pump it up, turn it on and let it run. I aim it so the mist falls on them. The water should be warm enough so that it cools to room temp when it hits the air. Good luck! I know how stressful it can be! Both my females dug test sites for 3 or 4 days before getting on with the job for real.
Here's the way egglaying should go...
The female may dig several test holes but should settle on one and dig it until she is happy with it. This could take a few days or it could be done in a day. Once she is happy with it she should turn around butt down and lay the eggs...usually in the evening. She may stay in the hole all night. She should fill the hole in and tamp it down once she is finished laying the eggs...which BTW should all be laid at the same time. She should then return to the branches.

IMHO its important to dig up the eggs even if they are infertile to be able to see how many she laid and that she did in fact lay them. I only do this when the female is up in the branches...and I return the container to the cage as soon as I'm done. The best time to do this is when she is asleep for the night.

If she doesn't follow the above "method" then she may be having egglaying issues. If she fills in the hole and tamps it down and quits digging without having laid the eggs she is likely in trouble.

If she shows any signs of lethargy, doesn't eat or drink, sits low in the cage, keeps her eyes shut during the day once she is no longer digging...then she is in trouble. The problem is that by the time she does any of this, its too late to give her oxytocin to induce labor...and surgery is the only option.
Thank you so much miss Lily, thats great to know, I do have a hand pump which does have a really great fine mist.

Also how long should I wait before checking the tunnel if she does not go back to it......should I re-compact the soil down again

Sorry so many ??? Im a nervous wreck :confused:
She does look ok when she came out of the hole earlier, she's covered in soil from heat to toe though

I will leave her to rest through the night, if she is digging again in the morning, I will leave her to it. If she is still wondering around, should I offer her something to eat and drink ???
You can offer her food and water any time that she is up in the branches....just don't leave any uneaten insects in the cage. They may bite her or chew on the eggs when she is laying them.
still no eggs, has been pottering about today, basking, going in and out of her tunnel....doesnt eat out my hand like my other two so unsure if she has had anything to eat.

Apart from being covered in soil, she looks ok....unsure what to do now ??????
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