Updated Pics of my Crew


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It's been a while since I posted my guys, so here they are!!!

First up is Aquarious!



Mr. Blaze


Pissy Jane....


My Rocket Girl


Mr. Camo


And no name who needs an name....any ideas??


Hope you guys enjoy!!!
what happened to Mr camos casque? and how about scarlet for the girls name haha

Hi Ken,

I kinda rescued him off CL..Payed $40 for him..the kid i got him from said he got him like that? So I'm guessing that the previous owner got him all burnt up...All the burn scares were healed up when I got him I still gave him the cream for a couple weeks just to make sure everything was okay. if you notice his spikes about half way down his back are gone to...But aside from the burn scars he's a prefectly healthy cham, eats well, drinks, poops.. :) He has some great colors to!
Beautiful chams! ;D

I think Siren or Syren is a pretty name for a female cham. (as in Sirens in Greek Mythology)

I would've named my baby ambilobe that (probably Syren for originality) if it had turned out to be a girl . . . But it turned out to be a boy, so I went with Nebulas (derived from nebula - the aftermath of a supernova).

Good luck with the name game! xD
I like Missile!!! She definitely has an attitude on her!!!

Yesss a girl! Not sure why everyone thinks she's a boy?? Maybe I need a better body shot of her. I will get one when I get home tonight!
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