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Here are some updated pictures of our veiled cage. We just need to get a new light light fixture for the top that is not shinny and my son is in the process of trying to figure out how to make a misting system. Let me know what you think and if anything needs to be changed, I want all of our lizzards to be as happy as we can make them. My son wants to make a bunch more cages but there are a few things he wants to change for the next ones. These cages are 2x2x4, should we make the female panther cages the same size?
Here are the old cages

here is new improved cage

I just noticed how much the umbrella plant has grown in the last month, the plant bulb and the uv light has really made a difference.
Looks great. That is one reason I like to buy my plants a little smaller then I need. They grown into the lighting and look good just like yours. Keep up the good work.
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