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ok so i took out the bark..

2. found lots of crickets like 8 or so...

3. my cham is so skinny... like i can see his ribs..

4. he isnt very active.. i mean maybe a few hours out of the day he is like ow he is on a stick resting his head.. falling asleep.. its only 520...

i think thats all..
75 for ur baskin temp?

i have mine at 90

I only have one light as well .

100W bulb .

Try putting more of the branches up near the top .

From what i have found out w/ Snipe, he'll go wherever he wants.. if he's hot . he'll move . cold . he'll go back to his basking spot .
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70's are fine for a Jackson. I would consider taking him to the vet. Head resting or sleeping is not normal behavior in the day. This is a sign of something more serious. Not eating is not normal. Jacksons due tend to be a little less active then some other species but these should be taken as symptoms of some sort of illness. I would think time is of the essence. Jacksons do not tend to do great with long periods of medicine (or treatments) and the sooner he can get though that the better.

If you need to use this thread to rule out any husbandry problems there are many of use with some Jackson experience that will be glad to help. Post the husbandry parameters...basking temp, size, age, ambient temp, plants, supplementation schedule, what kind of supplements...etc...
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Yea that pic is hard to see how his eyes are. Does it look like he has any mucus in his mouth? Does he have any visible infections? He isnt showing stress colors. He needs a basking bulb and an ultra violet light. Basking area should be around 90. Jacksons need a higher humidity. Try using a humidifier plus the mistings.
i have a reptile light but and basking temsp are above 90 like 92 ish...

his eyes are fine.. and very attentive... i have seen him drinking.. i just moved some things in is cage so i think that kinda strssed him out... no infections.. i meann he looks fine.. just a little skinny and lazy... but im no expert.
ok so last this after noon when i left tehre was 3 smaller crickets now i dont see any unless hey are hiding well... bought some silk worms tried to hand feed him one.. he looked at me like i was stupid.. so i put in a leaf and 1 worm well see how it goes.. i also am going to cup feed him da crickets now... ill keep you updated
hexk yeah.l. just seen home goble down a silk worm.. lik i put one in there .,, then it was gone but i didntsee it anywhere or see him eat it.. put in another and looked over he was chewing him up... how many should i feed
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