Update on my Veiled hatchlings


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So far, so good with our hatchlings! We have 17 hatchlings and 26 eggs 2 of which are pipped. All the remaining eggs look great. The hatchlings are little chow hounds too! We are feeding them 1/8 inch crickest dusted and gut loaded with a mix my hubby made for them. They are doing very well, we mist them 3 times a day for water needs as the humidity here is good. We already have a few Divas in the bunch as well as He-Men guys with 'tude....:) . So far, this has been a wonderful experience and we already have some interested parties for some of the babies. We are also planning on taking the bunch to the reptile expo in San Antonio, TX on the 11th of November with a friend who breeds and sells Leopard & Crested geckos. Here is a pic of one of the babies that crawled out of his egg right after this picture was taken.
It turned out to be a little male and full of energy!.

We have 3 enclosures we have been using with a great deal of success. We put the just hatched in an aquarium that was originaly built for an arboreal snake, it is approx 7 gal. with a screen lid.....give the hatchlings a chance to absorb any left over yolks and to get used to climbing and hanging on. We then move them from the "Nursery" to the "Kinder" cage.....a small cage made by the hubby for little ones 2 days old until we can see they are eating and able to hunt well. Then they move up to "MiddleSchool" cage.....A 65 Reptarium for the older babies who are now showing much attitude and hunting & eating very, very well.........can you believe we have gone through at least 4000 crickets in a 2 week time frame.....and they aren't even all hatched yet!!! We still have 14 eggs to go with 29 hatchlings, the oldest which hatched out October 11, 2006.
i can easily believe they went through 4000 crickets in 2 weeks ,2000 a week sounds about right figuring they eat 10-15 each.
me to i just had my batch of 37 eggs hatch and man there hungry lil buggers,iv went through 5000 pinhead crickets in 14 days i couldnt beleive it but there doing fine, cute lil buggers i can watch them for hours
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