Update on my Nosy Faly Cross


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I haven't been on the forums in awhile but I was walking by my chams enclosure and he just shed and I felt it would be a crime not to post an update of what he looks like.....enjoy!!



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No I dont, this was a part of a mystery shipment from Cham Nation awhile back that had alot of controversy. He is of the Raiden bloodline


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One of a kind unique. Raiden is famous I got into panthers because of raiden . It would of been a crime not to post him


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WOW! He is ridiculous! You are right, it would have been a crime not to post his pic! Doesn't get much better than that!

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Lol wow looks like a bunch of people jump the gun calling that shipment crosses . Expecting a red white and blue cham at just 6 to 9 months old. I swear falys sometimes color up to there full color a lot slower then other locales.... He looks killer and pure faly to me IMO. If it count for anything.


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Some resting and fired up pics, for as beautiful as he is, he is as nasty as they come, he is definitely just to look at lol

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