Under tank heat pad question


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Just getting near the end of my purchases before I adopt a nice panther and am down to setting up the food. I plan on getting a colony of roaches going and also some crickets. The bad news in the main containers must live in my somewhat cool basement according to the woman in charge around here.

Are the stick on heating pad type heaters ok to stick on the underside of a plastic tub? From what I read they only get to around 100 degrees and I think it should work. This would be the most economical way to provide heat to the crickets and roaches. The tubs will sit on plywood.

Thanks for the replies in advance.


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i would concider mounting the heat pads on the wood and then if needed u can put something between the pad and the container to adjust the temp. also by not having them stuck to the container it will be easier for cleaning and what not


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Excellent idea Hoj. I could even mount it to a piece of sheet metal between the wood and plastic and help spread the heat out over a larger area perhaps.

This forum is great for sharing ideas and saving headaches.


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I'm using this as my heat pad. No auto shutoff and it hovers around 90. Cheap and easy and safe with plastic.

I HATE that all the new heating pads have an auto-off feature!! I work with rescued orphaned wildlife, and babies need to be warm so these new ones are the bane of my existence. Thanks for a link to one that doesn't have it, going to have to stock up for future babies, especially now that it's spring!


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Is that 90 on the low setting?

One that big could cover 1/2 of two tubs side by side.

I use the "high" setting right now. It's pretty cold in my room but as spring and summer roll around, it should warm up to where I can use lower settings. And yes, it does look like it can do 2 halves side by side.
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