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Hey guys,
We tend to have a pretty heavy mouse problem here once the cold weather comes, and I was thinking of trying out some of those sonic or ultrasonic or whatever it is rodent repeller things this year to see if it helps at all because they seem to get more & bolder every year even though last year we added a third cat to the mix! lol.
Anyways, worried about my other critters - do you think it will it disturb the chameleons? They say it won't bother any non-rodent pets, but I mean, it's not like you can ASK them "that noise bothering you?"
What do we think?
Maybe some of you clever types who understand all the UV light frequencies also understand sound frequencies?? ;)
I've read that these repellers generally don't work, but I haven't used one. If you look into them I'd search for industrial grade types that can prove effectiveness. If they rely on high frequencies a cham may not be affected, but just to be safe I wouldn't put one in the cham room. Live traps work if you don't mind releasing the mice somewhere (only if you have trouble with native deermice. If you have house mice Mus spp. they are not native to the US so you don't want to introduce them to the wild). Warfarin baits (D-con types) can and do poison animals that catch the dying mice once they leave your house (hawks, owls, cats)...not good. Plain old snap traps often end up being the safest, often most humane, and most targetted way to control them.

Oh, another thing to consider...there are pulses in the annual cycle of small rodents. Most of the time you'll get a late summer wave of newly independent mice born that year, and then a fall "flood" of mice searching for that warm winter nest/food source. The juvies are pretty clueless so easier to catch. Once the wave passes you will most likely be fairly free of them for the rest of the winter and spring. Concentrate your efforts during the pulses, make sure they are not getting food anywhere inside, and you can relax more the rest of the year.
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