Uhh ohh...... are they supposed to do that?


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Uhh ohh.. are they supposed to do that?

Hey guys,

Today I was cleaning out my two chameleon cages and while the trees were out, the male went missing. Usually he gets into my closet but he was not in there. I finally found him, but when I did he was on top of my female. The problem is that she is only about 6-7 months old and kinda small still. She didn't look mad about him being on her, she was light green, and just hanging on the branch for dear life. She didn't hiss or anything at him, until he tried to get off, he stepped right on her head (really rude) and she opened her mouth really quick. As soon as he got off I put him back in his tree, but the damage may have already been done. I didn't want to grab him while he was on top because I didn't want to rip anything off, plus he looked like he had a tight grip on her.

I've had chameleons in the past lay eggs and breed but they were much older - like a year or so. I know that it isn't the best for young/smaller chameleons to lay eggs because it really takes a toll on the body. Is there anything that I can do to help her along? Is it possible that he didn't even "get" her?

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