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I think I made an oops! I was ina panick over running out of crickets so fast and I had my hubby pick up some mealworms from a store nearby.
I warmed them up so they started squirming and boy did my chams come fast to check it out! They eyeballed them for a minute and then they both grabbed one...the cham I worry about felt that was enough for him, but the one that had eaten most of the crickets decided on a second mealworm.

Boy did he look like the cat that ate the canary!:eek: Like in the cartoons when the cat finally has the bird/mouse in their mouth.

The mealworms were 1 amd 1/2" or smaller. These were too big???

They seem fine, but it stressed ME out:eek:
Oh, I can't even swallow looking at these pictures. I think I'm gonna try cuttin the mealworms in half a couple at a time. eeeewwwwwwwwwwww!
Here are some pics...tell me what you think! Tara


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Tara - they might be a bit large but if he is not spitting them out, or regurgitating, he shoudl be OK. Be sure to give him lots of soft bodied insects, too.


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mine too!

I know SweetPea shouldn't have wax worms but since she may not be around long I treated her to some, she saw them and went nuts ate about 5:p that is the firs time in a while I have seen her eat. I don't think you meal worms were too big. How did they do, did they have any problem swallowing them? :eek: The pictures are great. are you sure the one in the picture is not a male.


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LOL Tara you are so cute. He looked like he was enjoying them, however the fact they were a bit big. I'm not sure cutting them would work as typically chameleons like to eat live feeders. The soft waxworms are a good idea since you are temporarily out of crickets. I think you have a vortex hole for crickets somewhere in your house :D .


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;) Amy, everybody deserves a little dessert sometimes!!! I probably have it more than I should!

:eek: Jenna, you are so going to give me nightmares....I'm going to dream about being attacked by crickets!!!!
I still haven't seen one stray cricket! and my house is really small. If you walk through all the doorways, it just makes a big circle, with one room up the stairs that my daughter never uses. Of course they could've just hopped down the stairs to the scary basement that I avoid.

She does look like she's enjoying them, doesn't she! It's probably the first time they've had any. Since I doubt they were eating anything other than crickets.

Hmmmm, I don't think anyone around here even has any waxworms...I need to call around.
I definately need to order some crickets tonight! Later....T:cool:

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LOL... Tara they look fine :). Waxworms by the way are used for treats, but are very soft bodied. They can be on the fatty side.

Shelby, I have heard good things about the phoenix worms and plan to add some myself this week to give it a try. Nice for smaller chameleons
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