uh oh, need some tips asap


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One of my girlfriends stupid cats managed to flip over a large rubbermaid bin when i was sleeping!!!!! With 500 crickets inside!!!!!! Its winter here and the floor is cold, I did find alot of dead ones, but those would account for 100 maybe 150 of them, there is still ALOT missing..... I put tape along the walls to catch them.

Anyone have another idea how to maybe attract them or something, i fear they are going to breed!!!!

I have no f-in idea how that primitive little brat of a cat managed to flip such a large tub and pop off the top!?!?

And my girlfriend hates bugs, im a lil desperate.
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put a heat light shining on the floor and they will come to the heat. That is how I catch loose one downstairs here.
attract them with food water and a heat source on the ground. Trap 350 of them I havent got a clue though sorry. put clean egg crate things around edges of house youll probably get alot that way maybe. I always look up and down the edges of rooms for crickets and never keep much on the floor these days.
Your first mistake was thinking that cats are primitive. Mine are very very smart!! They probably flipped it off the counter which probably caused it to pop.
hahahaha sorry johnny but this is funny ( to me ) i dropped the bag once and like 20 got out and i hated that LoL i cant imagine 500, maybe its time to let him freerange or set some beardies loose lol sorry again but if you could see the pic i have in my mind u would laugh too. i know if you drop the temp down the crickets will get really slow but that only help if you know where they are and u would have to put your cham somewhere warm,, best of luck if i think of anything ill pm ya.

last resort you could take your cham elsewhere and then just let the temp go waaaaaaay down, open door and windows and kill them all
I think it`s pretty safe to say it happens to us all, lol. I am terrified of them and forgot to secure the lid one time. I only noticed when crickets kept bounding past me. It must have been hilarious if anyone saw me screaming and bashing them with a newspaper :eek: I really hope you find them all. :)
Thanks for the tips guys! The heat lamp idea makes good sense, i have an extra flood light in the garage and i will put egg cartons under it like jack suggested, i will have to quarantine my cats cause they just gonna play with it! Cats are such little buggers, all nice and cute when you are with them, but the second they have the house to themselves......

Im happy some of you find the situation funny , it is quite the quirky situation! Lol, picture me running around like a stooge trying to catch crickets lol!

My employess also find the situation amusing haha, original excuse to arrive 30 mins late lol
Happen to have a cat that likes to hunt or someone with a dog who likes bugs? My boyfriend's cat and small 8 lb dog catch his loose crickets :) my dog will try to eat them, but she prefers flies ;)

Use sticky trap things too.
Perhaps it's time for a stronger bin? haha We have the bins that completely lock. The one where the bottom has latches that lock the lid down. Then again, we also keep ours on the floor underneath where the chameleons are, so they are safe and out of the way. Check behind/underneath your couches and entertainment systems. They're going to hide under something, that's usually where I use to find any escaped crickets.
On the bright side if they breed you'll have a lifetime supply of crickets somewhere in your house <BEG>
i had this happen to me one night.....the day before i JUST got my new shipment of 500 adult crix. i didnt realize what had happened until i went to feed my herps and what do i find? my cricket bin turned on its side with no cover and staring at me are my two kittens....surrounded, literally surrounded by piles of dead crickets, they killed almost all of them for sport!! i'm sure they are a few but the majority just got pawed to death
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