uh oh I think my plant is not holding up well any suggestions


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Ok so my plant leaves are starting to curl up and I am wondering what types of plants hold up well in everyones enclosures along with planting techniques.

I use a drip system currently and hand mist 3 times a day; however, I have a mistking system on the way

I would like to get something that is going to hold up over the long haul so I dont have to continuously stress him out by switching the enclosure around

I have a split leaf currently and he loves resting his head on top of the leaves so its going to be sad to take it away
Get a Sheffelera (aka arboricola, or umbrella) They are decently hardly and have stalks that the chams can hold onto and they can support weight.
Lighting is going to be critical for success with any plant too. Unsufficient lighting (i.e., too little light) is very often a problem for plants in many chameleon (and other animal) enclosures IME, and if the lighting is insufficient, not much else matters ;) Nonetheless, I'd try to figure out why that plant is doing poorly, otherwise results with other plants are liable to be similar.

For lighting i am using 24 inch tube reptiglo 5.0 and powersun aquarium tube along with my 75 watt basking lamp, I have planted my plant using potting soil, I have been reading on some of the posts in here about planting with sand to accomodate for the large volume of water that goes through the soil on a daily basis and am curious as to whether that would have a better effect
Get a plan floreset compact or tube dosent matter, 6500k can get em from lowes, wallmart, home depot. Its a full spectrum light shouldnt effect your cham (Ill let some one else weigh in on that) but it will make your plant happy. Alot of "growers" use these lights works well.

http://www.specialty-lights.com/960203.html (dont buy these unless you are growing plants on the side) A regular bulb will do the same. just an example
Or you can order just the bulbs on here and get a fixture from lowes.
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