Ugh. Another Sad Day


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Hello all!
Well, today was a sad day for me. I lost another animal, my beautiful male Crested Gecko. He was a nice little(not so little), gecko. I really enjoyed caring for him, and hopefully might get into geckos again once I am ready to establish groups. I don't know what happened, he was fine yesterday, went to spray him and give him some food, and he was gone :(


I am sorry to hear that you lost Roo. Could you have some bad feeders? You are not having a nice holiday season this year. Wishing you and your pets a much happier 2011.
:( awww, that's so sad. I've only had my crestie for a couple of months and they really are so cute and such lovely little lizards.
I'm not sure whats going on Jann? The Verrucosus are fine, but I've lost two in the past month?

@Julirs- I don't want too :rolleyes::D. I might get a few gargoyles down the road, or some more cresties. Depends how much time I have into the Verrucosus projects I'm going to be starting.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone.
Sorry to hear you lost your crestie that is one of the reptiles I plan to brach into this year. have you looked at the classified? Chameleons has some excellent cresties for sale at good prices.

You and I both will have a better 2011 with our kids!!! I also lost this year.
Sorry for the loss... don't have any but I would if I could. They seem like really cool pets....
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