Ugandan chameleons!! C.hoehneli, C.elliotii

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Well after a few years of failed attemps we were finally able to get some more Ugandan chameleons in. Uganda has been an extremely difficult country to import from due to wars, and a huge amount of scaming. All of the animals came into the country in exceptional health with good weight, proper hydration and looking extremely colorful.This was small shipment and it will go very fast so do not wait!

Here is what we got.

C.hoehneli: lowland morph a little less colorful, but still very nice. $275/pair single males $100 very few females so get the pairs quickly.

C.hoehneli: Highland morph, much more colorful, collected from a completely seperate mountain range. The males have bright yellow heads, red, turquoise etc. $325/pair single males $125

C.elliotii: Blue phase. Males are bright blue with defined lines, females are tan with turquoise. Very nice!!! These guys are really colorful and have been known as the carpet chameleons of Uganda $150/pair $215/trio Gravid pairs $175(really gravid)

C.elliotii: Orange/green phase. Collected from a seperate range. The males show more orange, and less defined stripes on their back, and a little rougher scales. The females are green in coloration. $145/pair $200/trio. $165 for a gravid pair.

Thats all that came in, a very small yet extremely nice clean shipment. Do not miss your chance.

Exact locale data will be provided on demand after purchased.

Shipping monday and tuesday only this week. Or you can prepay and pick up at the White plains NY show where we will be vending.


Shipping is through Fedex,DHL, USPS. We accept credit/debit cards through For more info contact,

Nick Mole
First Choice Reptiles
[email protected]
Hey Nick,
When can you expect some Ugandan Johnston's.....And if it ever is possible to get ahold of them, would it be possible to find out what part of the country they came from?
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