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I am getting a new all meshed enclosure for my also new chameleon. It is about 3 ft tall and 1.5 ft wide. What would some good plants to have inside that are safe for my cham?


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lot of users really like the pothos plant, the ficus benjamina, and the umbrella plant.

Pothos (You can hang these from the top for vines going down the cage)

Ficus (Trim a newly acquired ficus so you can allow space for your chameleon to roam in it and hide in the foliage. They are great for vertical branches and place them at the bottom)

Umbrella plant (These do very well in moist cages and provide dense foliage)

All of them are chameleon safe.

Also here is a list of more plants that are chameleon safe that you could use.

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hibiscus are also another good choice if the cham eats any it is 100% safe the downside is that they are kind of hard to take care of and they useally dont survive the winters any lower than 35 degrees it kills them unless you bring them indoors another one i like are dwarf banana plants/japanese banana plants they grow fast and the big leafs offer good shade i use these in my out door cage, i bring them indoors during the winter and feed them an organic fertalizer made from beets, what ever you get make sure to wash the pesticides off almost every plant nursery uses some form of pesticide
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