Two problems-Eye and weak grip, hand feeding


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled, Male, 1.8years, 1.3 years
Handling - Once every two weeks or so. hand feeding daily
Feeding - Supers, Dubia. 1-2 daily, various fruit/potato/gutload
Supplements - the usual 3 on the correct schedule.
Watering - Mistking. 5x daily 1 min after lights on, 10am 3 min, noon 5 min, 3pm 3 min, 7pm 1 min, lights off at 9
Fecal Description - normal, normal urate
History -never a problem until now

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 2x2x5 home built screen
Lighting - reptiglo 10.0, 2 60watt incandescent, grow light
Temperature - Its cool in the house now but 78 at bask, 70 at base
Humidity - 35% now, 80% when the misters are running.
Plants - Hibiscus, Umbrella
Placement - In my bedroom, which I do not live in... base of cage, 2 ft off grnd. top is at 7ft. no vents or fans running. window 3 feet away.
Location - Ohio, which right now is tundra...

Current Problem -
1.He seems to be blinded in one eye and it is very bloodshot/red colored.
2.He doesnt seem to have as strong of a grip as usual and is not eating on his own. I pretty much drop it in his mouth.
When you say blinded, is it closed completely? Your husbandry seems good, your basking could be slightly higher and you cage temp too but it is nothing drastic I don't think. The only thing I see is that you are using a 10.0 instead of a 5.0(which most of us use) but not saying that is causing the problems either. You are using the calcium WITHOUT the d3 at every feeding right? Not the other way around? You say 1.8 years and 1.3 years which one is it? How long has it been in your care 1.3?
He keeps it closed but when it is open, it is bloodshot. You can see the eye but it looks like there is blood between the layers of his eye. I am going to put a higher watt bulb in one of the basking lamps. Correct on the Calcium/Calcium-D3 and correct on the 1.8/1.3.

He looks healthy other than his eye and the fact that he is in no rush to eat. I am afraid he is not eating because he cannot see properly and because this, he is getting weak and losing energy, but then again, I am feeding him by hand and he is digesting it.

any other input?
How much are you feeding him and are you feeding him every other day, instead of every day? ok I saw 1-2 super, dubia, Is that all he will eat or all you are offering him?
I doubt I can get a clear picture of the eye. I only have supers and dubia right now. I am going to back off for a day or two to see if he eats then
Have you tried giving him a shower? Honestly if its been going on for a while a infection could set and he might need antibiotics. Just saying. I'd take him to a vet if it doesn't clear up.
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