Twas the night before Christmas...


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And all through my house is the sounds of crickets, butterworms and YES my 2 new Veiled Chameleons!! Finally got my enclosure built and today was the big day. We picked up a 4 month old female and male (from different litters). The are getting used to their new home as I type. The female has already eaten her fist meal and the male hasn't just yet. There are crickets in the enclosure (with Calcium supplement) so I hope they have another snack soon. Sorry for no pics but our camera has gone missing and I think Santa might have one under the tree for me :) More to come on this but I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help and advice. I thought Christmas morning was exciting :D

hey gordo, i know the feeling man, your new veileds will bring you plenty joy and fulfillment for years to come.....enjoy every moment as they grow soo darn fast....;) and yes , take plenty of picks..... :cool:
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