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Hey I just got a new tv for the bedroom which is also where I keep my chameleons cage. As a matter of a fact, it's right beside his cage since they're both on my dresser. Is it ok for it to be next to him? Can they hear? Also, I probably wont be using the tv till after his bed time. If it's fine durning the day what about night??


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Chams are mostly deaf but are able to pick up vibrations well, so assuming the light from the TV doesn't bother him and it's not hooked up to a surround sound system or anything to bassey, you should be ok. Not like your going to be swearing all night long at the TV because of Call of Duty


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I would cover the cage with a blanket or some towels. I have mine right next to my computer and my chameleon will not go to sleep until I cover the cage so it is real dark inside for him. Even if I turn out his lights he just sits there with his tail curled up and his eyes open. As soon as I cover the cage a little while later I will peek in and his eyes are closed!
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