Tropic Aire Humidifier & Air Exchanger

ok thanks, just looking and i saw it. but thanks for telling me. whats bad about it, does it just not work?
You do know that you need an air pump to operate that. The one reviewer mentioned that it kept the humidity in 80’s/90’s and that’s too humid for a pygmy tank on a sustained basis. If it’s for a room then don’t bother – it wont do squat since it’s designed for tanks.

yeah, i understand you need a pump. this would be for a veild. i dont know if someone says it keeps the humidity at 80 or 90 maybe its not bad. but i dont know.
It will keep an aquarium at 80 or 90.. not a screened cage. And, if you plan to keep your veiled in an aquarium, which is not the best enclosure for it, 80 or 90 is a bit high for humidity.

ok, i understand, and im not going to get it. im going to get a good cool mist humidifier and use that. thanks you all for your comments!
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