Trip to tanzania


Hello everybody, i'm new on this forum. I'm a french Italian boy living in Beijing. I am currently keeping calyptratus, pardalis and Fischeri chameleons. I'm been having chameleons for more than a year and i'm quite passionate about them.

Within the next month, i'll be travelling a week in algeria and about 2 weeks to Tanzania. I know that some people on this forum might know a lot about this latter country for it's numerous chameleon shipments. I'm going to do at least a week of safari and i wanted to know if you guys could help me out with the interesting spots to go to spot chams.

I thought on maybe going around Serengeti national park since its the biggest and the Usambura montains for chams and wildlife ? Do you have any suggestions ? Are there any chameleon breeding farms to visit ? I also wanted to know if you had an idea on the frequency of chameleons within the country.

Thanks a lot for your help, i'll come back with some pictures to share.
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