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Hello all,

I just returned from tanzania a few weeks ago. While I was there I was able to view several species in the wild aswell as hand select some animals for export from a well known chameleon farm. While I was there i was able to collect c.jacksonii merumontana, C.rudis, C.delipis, b.taventanum aswell as see quite a few other herp species that are very uncommon(including the pancake tortoise). I am in the process of getting pics together from the trip and will post them shortly. In the meantime enjoy this picture of a C.Rudis "jeweled" aka Red phase. These guys were one of the neatest chameleons I was able to bring back and their coloration is something that will give a panther chameleon a run for its money. Keep your eye out for photos and stories shortly.

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Awesome! I'd love to see some pics, especially in the wild. Since you just returned, there was something I was wondering if you could answer. I've seen for years that Jacksonii jacksonii occur in northern Tanzania. Did you see any or is it all Merus? I've often wondered why, if they are there, that nominate jacksons aren't exported.
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