Trioceros quadricornis ssp. group size


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I wanted to ask if anybody here has succesfull kept or still keeps quadricornis ssp. for longer times in large 1.x groups (3 or more females). I heard it works but I dont know anyone personally who has done this

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I have not did this my self, but Josh Hensley did keep a group together. Most of the time he had a 1.2 group but sometimes it was a 1.3. I don't know that it ever when further than that. He raised several healthy clutches which a number of us received from him. Sorry Benny but this is all i know. Josh is still on the forum once in a while when he isn't in Iraq. Try him at Joshdhensley.


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I've had 1.2 in a cage 60x60x120 cm with a lot of plants and branches and that went very well. If I could I would build a ReptiBreeze kind of cage myself but then a lot bigger and keep a group of 1.3 or 1.4. I noticed a lot of trioceros species are pretty social.


Benny, Bex kept them in groups with 2 or more females with one male.
I only keep 1.1 the whole year together.


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Hey Benny,
We've successfully kept pairs and trios (1.2) together in larger enclosures. The typical suggestions apply, plenty of space, foliage and branches. One thing I've noticed, however, is try not to remove the females for any amount of time, even after layign eggs etc. Males will often turn on the newly reintroduced females after being alone for a few weeks. It helps to introduce them during the cool season as they're not quite as active and agitated. :)

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I have keept a trio outside in enclosures from 1mx1mx2m and they dit very well.
In the cooler months they did go inside in the largest Zoomed ReptiBreeze.

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I have a pair in a 2X2X3. I have it densely planted, and even when they are around each other, they seem to not care.

I have noticed water intake isn't altered by housing them together, as well as food. I did throw some extra food items in there when I fed them last in case one was more dominant. It took them a while to eat their fill, they move so slow.


EDIT: Sorry Benny, haven't had them long at all, just thought I'd share my observations
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