Trioceros feeding pics!


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Everyone really enjoyed some superworms. Here's Randy Jackson

Here's one more pic I thought just looked nice:

I've been really enjoying the bizarre feeding behavior of these little T. deremensis from CF member Merumontanus:

My cricket!

F001 was too quick for me. She took about 5 bugs off the screen of her cage and had them swallowed before I could even focus the camera at her. :( I got some nice shots of her with mouth closed before I gave up.

T. melleri

And why not sneak in one of 'Nameless' the blue-barred Ambilobe-type? He's usually very shy but I managed to stick the camera right in his face for this one. :D



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That's one stunning jacksonii!

Haha, and I see you've kept the deremensis' tag numbers :) They look great! I also can't get enough of the way they feed-- shaking whole branches before striking.

Keep up the good work, Kent!



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That is her name, isn't it? Haha. Well, now everyone can see how un-creative I am with naming. :rolleyes:
Well naming them gets redundant after you have so many. :p

Great pics man. How much of your collection is outside?


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Right now only the Jackson's and the T. deremensis are outside 24/7. I managed to get the last two days off in a row and so got everyone outside both days, though. Inside, the chams rotate who gets to be in front of the open windows every couple of days.


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Aw. I'm still just trying to catch up to you and you get two more? Haha. They're really great, I can't believe there are still some left!

Thanks for the comments, everyone.


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Randy is looking DANDY:p That guy is very impressive!!! The rest of the troop looks great also.

Chuck, you are a mad man:eek:
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