Trioceros ellioti


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here are pics from my pair Tr. ellioti:D


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I´m really happy:D

They looking so great and they are WC!

Te female ist pregnant. I hope, she got nice babys... .
Looking great .Please keep letting us know how they are doing as there seems to be so little information on this species .I must admit an interest myself as waiting 6 weeks for some to become available hopefully

I got very little information about them, unfortunately. I think now at 22-25 ° C during the day. In the night at 10-15 ° C.
The humidity is always between 70% -90%.
I have found that the Tr. ellioti much to drink and spray often morning and evening, shortly after they are very active and go much as hunting for food a day, but of course they also eat during the day.

I hope my English is now not so bad;)
They do look good. The male looks really nice. I got a very beat up specimen last year. Had a few females drop clutches. They are a very cool species. Your females colors should get nicer as she settles in.

Good luck with them!

this female is already pregnant and gets around the end of May their babies.
The male is very very blue!
They are both WC, but have been living here since August!
I could see that they are very trusting.

I hope it will all work out ...
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