Trioceros Deremensis Enclosure pics?

Texas Panther Man

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I know Chuck G has some dermensis. He posted some pics of his a cpl of months ago. Really fascinating small chameleons. Love the lips on them.
I'll see if I can pull up Chuck's pics thanks!

Thanks for the link luis, it looks like you have had a bit of success with these? Could you give me your oppinion on this species? Harder, easier chameleons to care for, temperment etc... I read a post from back in 08', but I'm being a sponge right now so I want all the info I can get. I have a group of these coming some time in the next week and I am in the process of building a 4' widex4' deepx5' tall cage at the moment because I read that they need a lot of space. I'm really hoping they are a bigger chameleon, is this the case?

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