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Hello all, hope you and yours are all well. Been awhile since I posted so I wanted to share a few pics and thoughts on my newest. She was offered to me by a good friend/breeder and since she was the runt of the clutch I could not say no :D I dare say that after a few months in the sun she is now bigger than most of her siblings.

Building on techniques I've been developing over the last few years she has turned out to be my most intelligent and co-operative cham yet.

I've managed to train her to come to me on command, and being a semi-freeranging cham it is quite something to call her from across the room.

She also now accepts pretty much any vegetable or fruit I offer, favorites being banana and apple. As some of you may know I don't like to use supplements so this is ideal as she has a truly varied diet.

Here are a few pics, apologies for the crappy phone ones but my Cannon has finally started to wig out (but after 100k photos I guess that's to be expected.) Also please excuse the topless shot, we're not so big on shoes and shirts round these parts during summer :p


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She's a lovely little lady. It's amazining just how intelligent these animals are when you spend time with them and interact with them.
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