Traveling in cold weather


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I am taking my veiled chameleon to the vet today because he is sick, but I'm concerned about taking him out in this weather. I live in Michigan and it is 14 degrees and even colder with the wind chill. I don't want him to get more sick than what he is now. I think he has MBD & I'm taking him to the vet to see what they can do. Should I hold off for a couple of days until the temps reach the 20's? I don't want my little guy to suffer, but I don't want to stress him out with the cold. All I have is a plastic carrying case that I would line the inside with towel & wrap the outside in a warm blanket & make sure my car was really warmed up.


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I asked my vet what i should do, bc im taking mine to the vet monday, and i live in the midwest as well. SO COLD!

She said if you warmed up a potatoe and put it the dish or w/e your taking him in, and to wrap the potatoe in a dish cloth. depending on how big/small your cham is make sure its not to hot of a potatoe, just warmed up. and if your car is warm thats good too. also she said if you could carry it inside your coat while in the container.


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You can buy one of those heat packs that are made for warming hands and use it on the outside of the container...on the side of the container....not under it. I wrap it in a washrag and then tape it onto the side of the cage (petpal). I then wrap the whole thing in a beach towel and take it to the car. Once I'm in the car and the car has warmed up...I open one end of the beach towel so some of the vents in the lid of the pet pal are open so the chameleon can get some air but remain warm.

A hot water bottle or a bottle of hot water will work when done in the same manner too.

(I love the potato idea too!)
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