Traumatized chameleon


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Hey so my chameleon is a little different in my opinion. (I keep joking that he missed the how to be a chameleon class). He loves being held and will turn an extremely vibrant shade of greed. I live in nj and recently went to Florida. I didn't have anyone (trustworthy) to take care of him so I brought him along. I had his temporary cage outside in a fenced in yard. (For some natural sunlight) I went to check on him at one point and he escaped the cage. I found him in the yard cuz he basically came running to me. Afterwards he refused to let anyone look at him nevermind hold him... He would only be calm either on me or in his cage. If someone did "bother" him he would only calm down when I gave his nose kisses. (I know it's not entirely recommend but he actually will come up to me for them). So my main question is did the outdoors traumatize him? Like is that even possible?


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I highly recommend you not kiss your chameleon. They can carry salmonella which is no bueno for you.

Bright colors indicate stress not calm.

And yes it is totally possible that the entire situation traumatized him. He could have been chased by a predator as well while he was out.
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