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    what's the best way to transport a chameleon a short distance--say from the house to the vet and back? (BTW My cham isn't sick, I just want to know should I need to do so.) Thanks
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    Ah, thank you!
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    I use a shoe box with papertowels and I keep it covered well so no light gets in. If you place the cham in the box 20-30 minutes before you leave, keep the box in a dark room covered, the cham will fall asleep. If you keep it covered and don't bounce around too much the cham should sleep the entire way to the vet.

    IMHO this is the best way.... my chams always come out of the box in their happy sleeping colors like nothing ever happened.
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    theresaintucson I adore your avatar!! Did you make it?
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    Hi farrahsc, thanks! Yes, I drew it. It's my Christmas card design this year.
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    That's too cute!! I would love to get a card like that!

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