Tr. hoehnelii pair for sale!!

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I am going to let go of my Kenyan locale hoehnelii pair. I got them in a trade a little while back and I really needed to sell the animals I traded for them instead of getting more animals:rolleyes:

The male is WC and comes from Chad at He is not a full grown adult yet. He devours any crickets or flies that you put in his cage. He will readily hand feed and has a calm disposition.

The female is CB from a fellow forum member. She is younger but growing quick!! She will also eat anything you put into her cage.

I am asking $200 plus shipping for the pair or $125 plus shipping individually. I offer a 1 week health and satisfaction guarantee.

Here are some pics of both.



Feel free to PM, email or call me with any questions.

Jared Cain

304 771 6970
[email protected]
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