Took a fall today


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I was feeding my veiled and I guess I might have startled him and he fell off a branch and hit the bottem of the cage... I picked him up to check him out and everything looked good, just a little scared. He stayed at the bottom of the cage for about 5 min or so then I left him alone to see what he would do and he climbed back to the top and began eating. I managed to snap a shot of him he is getting so big, he is a little pissed at the moment lol I'll post pics tomorrow
The guy is probably ok, just keep an eye for any swelling etc. Most likely he fainted, I can not handle my male 5 month old veiled because he automatically employs this fainting mechanism. Today he is on the top of my Mr Hissy list, he had a fit and got all pissed when I was placing his feeding cup in his enclosure so he decided to give me his first Hiss! KUP.;)
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