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Well the Chameleon's name is Tonks.

My sister and I bought a Jackson's Chameleon almost two weeks ago. She had an eye infection which we have taken care of. And thats her life...Yay.

I have a few questions since I am new to the Chameleon world.
First off; where do you buys trees for these guys? And What kind of tree should I buy? Currently have small fern type plants.
She currently lives in a 12"x12"x18" glass cage. Is this a good size for her? I have read that screen cages are better for their air flow, true or false?
Are regular branches from nature safe for them? I found a Fungus type thing on one that was growing over the week and wasn't sure if that was safe or not.
How many crickets to they eat a day? I have an Anole as well who can down 5 in a day where as Tonks takes a few days to down that many. Is this normal?
And finally, is it ok to have a water dish type thing in the cage? We have a hanging one at the moment to keep her hydrated and we also spray her numerous times a day and as cage gets dry fast (my guess due to lack of tree). Looking to get something to just drip water in her cage, another thing I read on here I think.

Thats it for my questions. Loving this site full of good information.
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