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Hello Cham owners..

My girlfriend's chameleon is pregnant and shes loosing her toenails! shes in a 3 by 2 by 4 foot aquarium with that fake astro turf stuff on the bottom, that cheap fake green grass stuff. theres a 1 by 1 foot tupperware tub with sand 4 inches deep in it, but she prefers to try digging through the fake grass stuff, and its causing her to lose her nails. My girlfriend has a glass aquarium she could put sand in,and i was thinkin she could go in there till the eggs are laid (smooth bottom), but its only a 20 gallon or 30 or so..i think thats kinda small for a full grown veiled... even if i put sand in the whole bottom of her cage, she will dig down to the fake grass and still lose her nails.. any suggestions? THANKS!


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I would take the fake grass out. I'm not a fan of "astroturf" for chameleons....its difficult to keep clean and germ-free....and, as you've already found out catches on the toenails.

4" isn't really deep enough for a chameleon to lay eggs in. I never cover the whole floor of the cage with sand. I just use a container of sand for the females to start digging in.
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