Today’s Luie’s 4th Birthday


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My sweet little man turns four today. I love him so much and wanted to share a few of his recent pictures with you.

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Hugh Wahl

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Luie's looking good for his birthday ( and every other day ), happy birthday. Nice pictures Jannb. He is one of the best looking veileds I've ever seen.


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Long live the King!!!! Happy Birthday Luie!!! You have lived a great life so far and I wish you many more healthy and happy years! Awesome pics as always Jann!!! P.S. Luie, I want to come and visit you, I want to meet your new brother!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Louie and great job on such a beauty Jann i like to think of Louie as the spokes cham of Veileds. i always show his pick to friends to show how beautifull they can be.
enjoy your day together and wishing you many more
Hoj and the Family


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Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyy Luie!!!!
wishing a big juicy worm your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa and Stanley


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Feliz Cumpleanos Luie! (sorry no tildes or accents, I'm on a PC and don't know how to include them! D:

But Have a very Happy 4th Birthday Luie! Give him an extra worm for me Jann! ^__^
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Luie have a great birthday, make Mommy take you out be the pool for a walk. You really are not getting older you are getting better and more beautiful.


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Happy Birthday Luie!! He still looks so awesome. Hope you were treated to some of that FL sunshine today Luie and maybe a good treat!!


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Thank you everyone. Your birthday wishes and nice comments are greatly appreciated. Before I went to work today everybody had treats and Luie had a couple extra. :) I also took him on a long walk around and around the pool when I got home from work. He loves going outside.
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