To recent members still getting the hang of things

i've just had this in mind the past few times logging on the forums here.

my personal goal and target here is logging on to try and help out as many people as i can with whatever i can, and i know this goes for a lot of other members as well, but it is hard and frustrating for us at times, because when we log on, were seeing tons of threads on the same topic, the same question after another by different members. It's hard for us to stay in tune with things, when subjects and topics are repetitive, and it also makes things un-fun when the forums are expected to do all of the research for others

i just want to clear that this post is not of anger or frustration, but will hopefully help put things in order around here. there was a thread on this issue quite some time ago, and Syn was the publisher i believe. things went back in order then for some time, so lets refresh the memory of some. enables to search topics. It is great chance that your issue is popular, and has been threaded before a couple hundred times :rolleyes:. Click the search button and type in what you want. dont be lazy though, you may have to try rewording or rephrasing a few times to get exactly what you want.

You think your chameleon is sick? let us try and diagnose it! avoid the lectures, save some time, and get more sufficient and appropriate advice on your chameleons problem. its easy click here and copy and past this form and fill it out on your problem thread.

There have been many times in the past where newer members feel neglected, avoided and ignored with their questions, only to get angered at the forums, say nasty stuff, leave or just become a bitter member for the rest of their existence! its two simple rules to help things out tremendously, and get you faster and sufficient advice. help us out and we will help you out :)

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